The Most Dominant Gangs in the World

18 with a Bullet- Gang Violence Around the World

This article presents information in a video, and it also gives links to other information such as youth involvements, photos, and statistics.

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Bury Me in a Shallow Grave: When The Yakuza Come Calling

This report highlights the elite Yakuza Japanese gang that goes back centuries. This excerpt from the book “Tokyo Vice by an American reporter is crucial because it goes into details about a gang that is usually shrouded in secrets only known to members. This report gives information and insight into the mind of a Yakuza.

Adelstein, Jake. “Tokyo Vice”. Pantheon; 1 edition (October 13, 2009)


The List: The World’s Most Powerful Crime Syndicates

There are gangs who commit crimes, and there are gangs who commit organized crimes. The mafias of the world are not really considered gangs by many.  Of course, the line between a street gang and a more highly organized criminal syndicate can be blurry — sometimes street gangs, prison gangs, and mafia-like organizations engage in a degree of cooperation; but the mafia is considered a gang.

Policy, Foreign. “The List: The World’s Most Powerful Crime Syndicates”.  Foreign Policy ( May 21, 2007).


The List: The World’s Most Dangerous Gangs

There are many gangs in the world, some that are very famous like the MS-13 or the L.A. Crips, but there are some that others have not heard of. In this link it details many powerful gangs of the world, especially in the Asian countries such as Taiwan.

Policy, Foreign. “The List: The World’s Most Dangerous Gangs”.  Foreign Policy ( May 8, 2008).


This Is For The Mara Salvatrucha

This Is For The Mara Salvatrucha is the first non-fiction narrative about the MS-13. It tells the story of Brenda Paz, a young street gang member who betrayed her gang and became an informant, revealing a previously unknown threat across America.

Logan, Samuel. “This Is For The Mara Salvatrucha.”

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