What Makes Them So Powerful?

Nigeria: Niger Delta Gang Violence Goes Unpunished

The politicians and gang leaders behind these brutal attacks have openly fomented violence for years untouched by the law. The Nigerian government’s failure to bring anyone to justice is a disgrace; it gives the gangs and their sponsors reasons for continuing the violence. This article shows one of the reasons that gangs are so powerful; they are often funded by corrupt leaders who are above the system.

Rights Watch, Human’s. “Nigeria: Niger Delta Gang Violence Goes Unpunished”. HRW (March 27, 2008). http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2008/03/20/nigeria-niger-delta-gang-violence-goes-unpunished


Street Gangs that Cross Borders

This is an article to show how powerful these gangs are. It is stated in the article that there was legislation created just to stop MS-13. This article goes into more detail about one specific gang. There’s evidence that the model of the MS-13 gang is rape, kill, control. They’re really about gaining control over other immigrants from their community.  Scholfeild does a good job of showing how the topic of gangs relates to global issues such as justice systems and international border control.

Scholfeild, Pier. “Street Gangs that Cross Borders”. BBC News, Washington ( April 3, 2008) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7328967.stm


Haiti’s Gangs Overwhelm Cops

This article is very recent and interesting, considering the lack of infrastructure that existed before and after the recent earthquake in Haiti. This a great source piece to show how powerful gangs are in the world. Although the article doesn’t target a specific gang in Haiti, it explains just how overwhelming it is for a whole country to have to deal with so many gang related issues.

SAPA. “Haiti’s Gangs Overwhelm Cops” news24.com (April 11, 2010). http://www.news24.com/World/News/Haitis-gangs-overwhelm-cops–20100411

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