Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

Ano ang nai-nangyayari ? What’s happening? Thanks for accessing the Reader and giving your time to learn the different aspects of gangs. First of all what is a gang?  As a general rule, most definitions include the idea that a gang is organized in some way, often with clear leaders and a hierarchy, and that the members gather to socialize and carry out various activities on a regular basis. The shared identity of gang  members can be based on ethnicity, culture, class, religion, or another common thread which allows people to find something of interest in each other. The gangs that you will learn about as you explore this section are infamous for committing violent acts and for being involved in activities of questionable legality.

During my research, I was able to find interesting and insightful documents and information on gangs work in places all over the world. You will soon realize that there is more to gangs than meets the eye. Two of these documents require an account for a site called http://www.foreignpolicy.com/.  This account is free and easy to create. It will not only give you access to the documents I suggested, but to other resources pertaining to other subjects. It’s a pretty good investment on five minutes of your time. The links that are provided in this section cover the various aspects of gangs, gang life, and activities.

I believe that learning about these global subjects issues a sense of global citizenship and awareness. I am determined to help inform and possibly inspire you readers to brainstorm ideas, to make a difference; just as researching for WorldLink has done for me.



Marygian Rebullar, San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts

WorldLink 2010 Summer Intern

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