How Much of Their Countries Do They Control?

Jamaica Strains to Fill Void Left by Gang Bosses

After a poor neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica, lost its crime boss, the government failed to assume his role as a provider of jobs and security, so the crime boss’s underlings took over. This article shows how gangs not just control streets but can control entire countries and the lives of the people down to the barest necessities.

Faheem, Karim. “Jamaica Strains to Fill Void Left by Gang Bosses”. New York Times (May 31, 2010).

Kingston Declares State of Emergency after Gangs Attack Police

This article explains just how overwhelming it is for a whole country to have to deal with so many gang related issues. It also continues to report on Jamaica’s constant issues with the gangs.

Sheil, Ross. “Kingston Declares State of Emergency after Gangs Attack Police”. The Guardian ( May 25, 2010)


Anti-Gay Gangs Terrorize Iraq

This article is especially helpful because it shows that the real power does not necessarily come from those who hold office. It continues the subject of corruption and how powerful these gangs are; how much of their country they control.

Long, Scott. “Anti-Gay Gangs Terrorize Iraq”.  Human’s Rights Watch (August 19, 2009)

Prison Staff Joins Gangs

This article is about the staff at Pollsmoor Prison, the largest jail complex in the Western Cape of South Africa. It details how and why members of gangs within the prison  became involved in the gang, .according to a survey compiled by the prison’s senior managers. This article shows even more gang controlled corruption as it warned of a possible syndicate involving prison, police and justice department officials in issuing irregular release warrants.

SAPA. “Prison Staff Joins Gangs”. (September 29, 2005)

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