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Drug Trafficking in the United States

This report, provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration, explains how drug trafficking affects the United States. Going drug by drug, this article explains where each is produced, trafficked and subsequently sold. It is an extremely useful source to help students understand the basics of drug trafficking.

Sinsemilla, Growing High-potency. “DEA Briefs & Background, Drugs and Drug Abuse, State Factsheets.” Welcome to the United States Department of Justice. Web. 25 June 2010.


CRS report for Congress: International Drug Trade and U.S. Foreign Policy

This report, gives a comprehensive look into the drug trade in America. It talks about “Plan Columbia”, the United States international narcotics policy, the enhanced focus on drug trafficking due to a high national priority given to terrorist groups, and other policy issues. This is truly the most comprehensive report on the drug trade in America, as it was published as a report for Congress.

Perl, Raphael F. CRS report for Congress: International Drug Trade and U.S. Foreign Policy. 6 November 2006. 1 July 2010.


Illegal Drugs: Canada’s International Growing Market

While this article begins with a focus on the growing drug trade in Canada, it expands on the international drug trade. This article cites the growing role of Canada as a user as well as a producer.

News, Cbc. “Illegal Drugs: Canada’s International Growing Market.” – Canadian News Sports Entertainment Kids Docs Radio TV. 24 June 2009. Web. 18 July 2010.

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