Drug Use and Drug Trafficking in Europe

This article gives an overview of trends in drug use and trafficking in Europe. It focuses on marijuana and heroin, because they are the two most used drugs in Europe. A scholarly article, written by Tim Boekhout van Solinge, this article is extremely helpful and detailed.

Boekhout Van Solinge, Tim. “Drug Use and Drug Trafficking in Europe.” CEDRO Centrum Voor Drugsonderzoek. 22 July 1998. Web. 04 Aug. 2010.


Europa- Press Releases- The 26th of June International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

This press release, sent out by the European Union, examines the issue of drug use in Europe, and the issue of drug trafficking as well as the issue of youth and drugs. I chose this article because it has quite a bit of facts about  Europe, along with some of the measures being taken.

“EUROPA – Press Releases – The 26th of June International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.” EUROPA – The Official Website of the European Union. 26 June 2000. Web. 7 July 2010.


Heroin Cheaper Than a Night Out

This article focuses on drug use in the UK, specifically in certain boroughs of London. It addresses the fact that for many people, heroin is cheaper than a meal or a pint of beer and it is so easily accessible that many people cannot stop.

Martin, Richard, and Jessica Creighton. “Heroin Cheaper Than a Night Out.” BBC News – Home. 18 June 2009. Web. 01 Aug. 2010.

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