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Report Says U.S. Fails to Assess Drug Aid to Mexico

This article delves into the drug war in Mexico that is currently taking place, and the role that the United States plays in this drug war. It discusses the “Meridian Initiative” but also the hindrances the initiative faces.

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Central America: An Emerging Role in the Drug Trade

This article is about the rising use of Central America as a smuggling point for drug traffickers. It details where and to what degree of the land based trafficking is taking place, complete with a very easy to read diagram that outlines many of the major roads which are used for trafficking.

Friedman, George. “Central America: An Emerging Role in the Drug Trade.” STRATFOR – Geopolitical Intelligence, Economic, Political, and Military Strategic Forecasting. 26 Mar. 2009. Web. 03 Aug. 2010. http://www.stratfor.com/weekly/20090326_central_america_emerging_role_drug_trade


Central America in “crossfire” of drug war: U.N.

This article gives insight into the role of Central America in the drug trade. Central America is usually a transition point between the Southern American producers and the Northern American consumers. The author refers to Central Americans as the “foot soldiers”, which are neither producers nor consumers but are dangerously caught in the middle.

Fletcher, Pascal. “Central America Caught in ‘crossfire’ of Drug War: U.N.” Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | Reuters.com. 25 Mar. 2009. Web. 28 July 2010. http://www.reuters.com/assets/print?aid=USTRE52P0KB20090326

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