The Cocaine Coast

By far one of the most interesting and engaging articles, this article by Marco Vernaschi examines the drug trade all across the West African coast. The article follows Vernaschi’s own experiences in Guinea-Bissau following the assassination of President Joao Bernardo Vieira. Vernaschi traces the cause of the violence to the drug trafficking that has taken over Guinea-Bissau. The article gives fantastic background on the reason that Guinea –Bissau is such a strategically convenient place to traffic from, as well as a background on different trafficking groups. Complete with pictures, this article is riveting as well as extremely informative.

Vernasci, Marco. “The Cocaine Coast.” Virginia Quarterly Review (Winter 2010): 43-53. Print.


Gambia’s Drug Trafficking Dilemma

This article also focuses on Guinea- Bissau. Specifically, this article focuses on the corruption that surrounds drug trafficking. It focuses on accusations made by the US that the Air Force Head and the former Navy chief were involved in drug running.

Ugah, Ndubusi. “ Africa: Gambia’s Drug Trafficking Dilemma.” Home. 12 June 2010. Web. 17 July 2010.


Illegal Drug Trade in Africa: Trends and U.S. Policy

This article is another Congressional Report based on the African drug trafficking trade. In contrast to the Latin American drug trade, Africa produces primarily for Europe, not the USA. However, threats are still posed to the U.S and the report clearly outlines this. For a focus on the trade in Africa, read pages 7-22.

Wyler, Liana Sun. Cook, Nicolas. “Illegal Drug Trade in Africa: Trends and U.S. Policy” Congressional Reseach Service. 30 September 2009. 7 July 2010.


Why West Africa Cannot Break Its Drug Habit

Another article focused on Guinea-Bissau, this BBC article focuses on the changing West African drug trade. It examines the changing drug routes that drug traffickers are using to avoid seizures.

Skelton Guinea-Bissau, Rose. “Why West Africa Cannot Break Its Drug Habit.” BBC – Homepage. 21 June 2010. Web. 1 Aug. 2010.

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