Northern Ireland

The Troubles, 1963 to 1985

This article discusses the basic history and important facts of the conflict that occurred for over 15 years in Northern Ireland known as “The Troubles.”

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Breaking the Cycle of Violence

The civil and political conflict in Northern Ireland over a 30-year period, known as the Troubles, has resulted in over 3600 deaths and some 40,000 injured. The present study investigates the needs of people affected by the Troubles and what contribution social work is making to help meet those needs. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with key representatives of 45 groups providing services to victims of the Troubles. Proposals are made for the development of specialist social work services for individuals suffering conflict-related trauma.

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Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Re-balance Foreign Policy to Solve Conflicts

“Resolving conflicts in other parts of the world will require a fundamental re-balancing of foreign policy drawing on lessons from Northern Ireland,” Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Hain MP said. This article explores the fundamental principles which helped bring about a peaceful resolution to Northern Ireland.

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