Power Struggle, Tribal Conflict Or Religious War?

This article gives three different perspectives of the ongoing conflict between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. Each perspective tries to figure why the conflict began in the first place. Each expert presents their theory for the conflict being a power struggle, a tribal conflict, or a religious war.

 Feldman, Noah. “Power Struggly, Tribal Conflict or Religious War?” Time.,9171,1167736,00.html (accessed August 3, 2008).


 A Sunni- Shiite Battle of the Website Hackers

Religious beliefs are also on the attack on websites, as this article shows. A “virtual sectarian battle” is growing among Sunni and Shiite websites, although it is unclear whether a third party may be involved in the virtual attacks.

 Murphy, Caryle. “A Sunni- Shiite Battle of the Website Hackers.” Christian Science Monitor. (accessed October 24, 2008).


 Transcript:  Religious Freedom in Iraq

This transcript of a Q&A session, talks of Iraq’s new constitution, and if religious freedom is included. Robert Blitt, an international law specialist states that “the current draft of the Iraqi constitution predominantly casts a shadow over religious freedom.” It is also discussed how many public opinion polls would like Islam included in their constitution. Preeta Bansal, who is an attorney and commissioner of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, takes questions.

 Bansal, Preeta and Blitt, Robert. “Religious Freedom in Iraq.” Washington Post. (accessed August 5, 2008).