Alix: Letter to the Reader


Dear Reader,

First of all, you should be very impressed with yourself right now. Not only do you actually care about what’s happening in the world, but you care about it enough to open up this reader! Trust me, the world doesn’t have enough people like you. Over the summer I, along with five other high school interns, compiled research on the issues that cause conflict in our world. My topic was xenophobia.

Xenophobia is a term that is not used in everyday life. Simply put, it’s a fear of strangers or foreigners. Many times this fear has been ignited by a commonly held stereotype or generalization promoted by the oppressors in a specific region. These stereotypes and generalizations translate into drastic and irrational measures that significantly damage and disenfranchise the people stuck in the crossfire. The end result is a group of people that no longer have a voice in that region. Xenophobia stems from the basic human trait of fearing the unknown, equating “different” and “wrong.”

Eradicating the equilibrium between different and wrong would be a solid first step towards limiting ignorance and xenophobia. There is not a single nation which would be able to provide stability and tolerance among its inhabitants. Thus, enhancing our obligation here at WorldLink 2009, to provide knowledge of others and ultimately teaching the embracement of tolerance and that which we don not know.

The late politician Adlai E. Stevenson said, “On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers.” Within this reader, you are about to take the next step towards living as neighbors, not strangers.

Wishing you luck,

Alix Reichert

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace