Thania: Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

Hey! How’s it going? First of all, I want to congratulate you for opening this Reader that contains a great variety of articles showcasing current stories on racism. Racism has greatly affected many people around the world and by simply reading these articles; you will contribute to minimizing this form of discrimination.

While completing my research on racism, I was excited by the extreme boost of knowledge I had by immersing myself in this topic. I began my internship with a very broad and basic idea of racism, but after I dove into the subject, I was shocked by the effect that racism has in education, religion, people’s psychology and many others. Racism affects all ages: from children who unconsciously learn these traits to grown men and women in the highest government positions. I believe that we as youth must show more interest in human rights and that we can make a difference by showing adults that we can lend a hand towards making this a better world.

During my WorldLink internship I have expanded my knowledge, refined my analytical skills and practiced my second language, English. I am a senior at CETYS Universidad, which is a high school at Tijuana, Mexico. As an intern, I enjoyed being able to share different points of view with brilliant students regarding some of the most important global issues.

I look forward to giving you a better understanding of racism and what might turn into an inspiration for you to start making a difference. It worked for me!

Peace and love,

Thania Herrera

CETYS Universidad

Summer 2008 WorldLink Intern