Country Profiles

Report: Anti-Semitism on the rise globally

Anti Semitism has become commonplace in many countries, and have directly affected Jews nation wide. A recent report by the U.S. Department of Justice not that “Today, more than 60 years after the Holocaust anti- Semitism is not just a fact of history, but a current event.” The report also details physical acts of anti Semitism and conspiracy theories. This also includes “newer” anti Semitism, which includes Israel and is extremely prolific in the Middle East.

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Evidencias de casos de Antisemitismo

El artículo hace mención sobre situaciones que han afectado mayormente a individuos de ascendencia judía, tomando lugar en México. De igual manera hace referencia a un sitio electrónico neo-nazista en donde se fomenta la ideología nazi y exaltan la figura del líder Adolfo Hitler mediante la promoción de artículos.

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No Blacks, No Dogs, No Gypsies

A partnership has formed between Gypsies and Travelers in the UK. They have created a nationwide coalition to fight what they describe as rapidly escalating levels of racism and discrimination. The leaders of the nation’s largest Gypsy and Traveler organizations held an unprecedented conference at the end of July, with the general aim of bringing together the country’s 300,000 Roma, Irish, Welsh and English Gypsies and Travelers into a viable national federation.

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Reactions on CNN Anderson Cooper’s False Presentation on Africa

Anderson Cooper, host of AC 360 on CNN, made a documentary addressing the growing problems of HIV/AIDS affecting the people of Nigeria. The show received criticism because the content was said to be based on speculation more than scientific research, which caused positive relations between CNN and Nigeria to greatly diminish. The actual intentions behind the controversial documentary are still vague, but the article looks at possible underlying meanings. Reactions on CNN Anderson Cooper’s False Presentation on Africa.” World News Network.… (accessed July 15, 2008).

Amnistía Afirma que los Jueces No Aplican la Agravante de Racismo

En España se puede observar que el racismo es bastante notable, debido a que los ciudadanos tratan agresivamente a los moros y a los gitanos. Un ejemplo fue la inconformidad de los españoles ante tener como vecino a una familia gitana. La organización Amnistía Internacional hace ver estos actos como impropios y desea ponerle un alto a la situación.

“Ruiz del Arbol, Maruxa. Amnistía Afirma que los Jueces No Aplican la Agravante de Racismo.” El Pais.

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Beijing Readies for Influx of Foreign Visitors

As Beijing finished up the home stretch of preparation for the 2008 Olympics, the city began to fill up with foreigners. The writers explain the effects that the influx of tourists will have on the population, as well as underlying feelings of racism, xenophobia, and nationalism within the culture. The article also specifically focuses on Africans living in Beijing.

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