Gender Roles and Conflict

Women Building Peace: The Liberian Women’s Peace Movement

This special section addresses the unique troubles women face in areas of conflict. The article follows a series of interviews of women who participated in the Liberian women’s peace movement in the 1990s and it explores the unique role women had in Liberia’s journey to peace. The article is inspiring because it shows how women can transcend their traditional role as victims of conflict and become a powerful force for peace. In bold are introductory and conclusive notes from the author Erica K. Sewell.

Sewell, Erica K. “Women Building Peace: The Liberian Women’s Peace Movement.” Critical Half.…(accessed June 25, 2008).

Changing Male Gender Roles

This article tries to defeat the commonly held perception that women are the only gender that suffers from inequality. Little known statistics are presented such as how males are overrepresented among drug abusers and prison inmates. The life expectancy of men is shorter compared to women, and boys exhibit more problematic behavior in school than girls. The article is able to give a truly different aspect to gender inequality.

“Changing male gender roles.” Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs.… (accessed November 6, 2008).