Types of Conflict

International Law and Internal Armed Conflicts: Clarifying the Interplay between Human Rights and Humanitarian Protections

As violent internal armed conflicts continue to increase, lawyers and scholars are examining the inadequacies of international human rights law and international humanitarian law.  The author focuses on the difference between internal armed conflict and other types of conflict situations: situations of tensions and disturbances; international armed conflicts; wars of national liberation; and internal armed conflicts.

Freeman, Mark. “International Law and Internal Armed Conflicts: Clarifying the Interplay between Human Rights and Humanitarian Protections.” Journal of Humanitarian Assitance. http://jha.ac/2000/07/24/international-law-and-internal-armed-conflicts-clarifying-the-interplay-between-human-rights-and-humanitarian-protections/ (accessed November 20, 2008).

Thousands flee rebel advance in Congo

The article touches upon the latest struggles of conflict within the Democratic Republic of Congo. Recent attacks on U.N. vehicles by rebels in the area north of Goma. This forced many to flee to the local capital of Goma. National Congress for the Defense of People, or CNDP, are responsible for these attacks and have left over 1 million Congolese internally displaced.

CNN News. “Thousands Flee Rebel Advance in Congo.” CNN News. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/10/28/congo.fighting (accessed October 30, 2008).

Heavy fighting on northern fronts in Sri Lanka

The government of Sri Lanka has been stuck in an ongoing dispute with a rebel group known as the Tamil Tigers. The sitting government pledged to abolish the Tiger movement earlier this year and was almost successful, if not for monsoon rains. Lately, shootings of key political figures leave Sri Lanka in constant turmoil. The Tamil Tiger rebels have fought since 1983 to create an independent state for ethnic minority Tamils. A fight which has claimed over 70,000 lives in the conflicts span.

Mallawarachi, B. “Heavy Fighting on Northern Fronts in Sri Lanka.” The Associated Press. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gVoaDFmbCYS-Usz9ACDRIengj21QD943H8RO0 (accessed October 30, 2008).

Human Rights ‘Eroded Worldwide’

According to this article, many of the world’s conflicts come from the ‘war on terror.’ This article shows that global conflicts are not given all the attention needed to make a difference.

BBC News. “Human Rights ‘Eroded Worldwide’.” BBC News. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6681437.stm (accessed June 2008).

Conflicts Rage across the Globe

The article “Conflicts Rage across the Globe,” written by Christy Oglesby discusses the many conflicts that are raging across the planet and addresses how they can be resolved. The article also shows a myriad of examples of how the problems have developed within various countries and how the people there live with them.

Oglesby, Christy. “Conflicts Rage Across the Globe.” CNN News. http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/01/31/conflict.cfr/index.html (accessed June 2008).

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