Global Hotspots

Arab-Israeli Conflict

The International Crisis Group is now generally recognized as the world’s leading independent, non-partisan, source of analysis and advice to governments, and intergovernmental on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict. The reports on the Arab-Israeli conflict provide an overview of the internal and external challenges faced in the region.

International Crisis Group. “Arab- Israeli Conflict.” International Crisis Group. (accessed June 2008).



This profile on Iran explains the influences that the Shiite Regime has had on the Middle East in the past years. It gives a brief overview of why the United States wants Iran to stop building nuclear weapons, as well as stating the major consequences that both countries will have to resolve after meeting with one another.

Burkhart, Ford. “Iran.” The New York Times. (accessed June 2008).


DRC Conflict ‘Kills 1,000 a Day’

The Democratic Republic of Congo has faced several events that have destabilized the country since its independence in 1960. Since 1998, sporadic conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has cost an estimated 5.4 million people their lives-many of them lost through disease and malnutrition. Many others have fled to neighboring countries for safety, and countless people remain in camps far from their homes. Years of mismanagement, corruption and war makes DRC one of the poorest countries in the world even though it is very rich in natural resources and mineral wealth.

Doyle, Mark. “DRC Conflict ‘Kills 1,000 a Day.” BBC News. (accessed October 25 2008).


Q&A: Russia-Georgia Conflict Has Deep Roots

The outbreak of violence in South Ossetia traces back to a long history between Russia and Georgia. This short Q&A session with an NPR Foreign Desk correspondent reviews some of the main issues behind this conflict-prone zone.

Flintoff, Corey. “Q&A: Russia-Georgia Conflict Has Deep Roots.” National Public Radio. (accessed October 18, 2008).


President of Indonesia Restricts Muslim Sect

In most developed countries people are encouraged to practice their personal religion, but in Indonesia the president signed a decree forcing many members of a minority Muslim group to stop practicing their religion. Several mosques and homes have been destroyed and residents fear further prosecution and violent attacks.

Gelling, Peter. “President of Indonesia Restricts Muslim Sect.” The New York Times. (accessed July 2008).


Colombia Changes Tactics in Drugs War

Approximately 500 tons of cocaine are imported into the U.S. from Colombia every year. Due to extreme poverty in Colombia, many families begin to produce cocaine in order to survive. This article emphasizes the effect that cocaine has had on Colombia for the past four decades.

McDermott, Jeremy. “Colombia Changes Tactics in Drugs War.” CNN News. (accessed June 20, 2008).


NGOs Unite in Call for Patience & Persistence to Salvage Northern Uganda’s Peace Process

After years of violent conflict, peace talks between the government and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) began in southern Sudan in 2006. However, LRA leader Joseph Kony, has not signed the Final Peace Agreement which has delayed peace efforts. The situation remains fragile with over 900,000 displaced people struggling for food, health care, and education. Advocates Camilla Olson and Melanie Teff published this report after assessing the humanitarian situation for internally displaced people in northern Uganda in July 2008.

Refugees International. “Northern Uganda: Give Displaced People Real Options.” Refugees International. (accessed June 19, 2008).


In ‘Darfur is Dying,’ The Game That’s Anything But

Since 2003, the fighting in Darfur, a region in western Sudan, between Darfur rebels and Arab supremacist’s militias back by the Sudanese army has killed approximately 200,000 people and left over 2 million homeless. Reebok Human Rights Foundation, International Crisis Group and MtvU partnered to create a competition combining technology and activism. University of Southern California students designed Darfur is Dying, a viral video game for change that provides a window into the experience of the 2.5 million refugees in the Darfur region.

Vargas, Jose Antonio. “In ‘Darfur Is Dying,’ The Game That’s Anything But.” Washington Post. (accessed October 16, 2008).


No End in Sight to Sri Lanka Conflict

Sri Lanka has suffered from fighting between the armed forces of the government and Tamil Tiger rebels who want an independent homeland in the north and east regions of the country. Over 20 years later, the problems plaguing this country are far from over.

Buerk, Roland. “No End in Sight to Sri Lanka Conflict.” BBC News. (accessed September 20, 2008).


Timeline: Afghanistan

This article shows a time line of significant events in Afghanistan’s history, from 1919 to 2008.

BBC News. “Timeline: Afghanistan.” BBC News. (accessed July 2008).


Overview: The Iraq War

9/11 may have been the spark of the actual war in Iraq, but there are several more factors that led to the war in Iraq. Some of the causes and effects are discussed in this article, written by Edward Wong.

Wong, Edward. “Overview: The Iraq War.” The New York Times. (accessed June 2008).