Gender Discrimination towards Men

Men in Nursing

Male nurses represent just a small fraction of the nursing workforce in the United States. Although we know nursing is often stereotyped as a woman’s job, this article presents some interesting insights into the stereotypes men face from their co-workers in the workplace. The article showed there are small numbers of men in nursing, not only because of the gender difference stereotyping, but also because patients significantly prefer female nurses to male nurses. In addition, the article mentioned that men in nursing were stereotyped both outside and within the profession as homosexuals, low achievers and feminine-like. The article brings awareness to the issue men face in nursing. It provides reasons as to why significant professional barriers will continue to deter male entry into the profession. Therefore, to achieve gender parity in nursing,  gender stereotypes need to be shed.

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Gender Discrimination and Nursing: A Literature Review

When talking about gender stereotyping faced in the workplace, we often do not think about the discrimination men might face in nursing school. The article examines the weakening numbers of men in nursing due to discrimination and stereotyping. In addition, this article presents legal case studies, which provide a realistic perspective for the reader and serve as practical example of the barriers existing for men in the nursing profession. One case study involved a male nursing student who filed a lawsuit claiming that he had been discriminated against because he been asked not to “participate or watch intimate examinations”, while his fellow female students were not asked to do the same. In another case study, a lawsuit was filed by a male registered nurse against a hospital. The appellant sued the hospital for discrimination because the hospital had announced that they only hired female nurses in the obstetric ward due to concerns for their patients’ privacy.

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Gender Stereotypes Male Librarians Face Today

Librarianship is often stereotyped as a “female” career, and men in this field often face negative attitudes and stereotypes from their co-workers or colleagues. The article/study  mentioned an interesting fact: not only were men stereotyped for joining this field, but the assigned tasks they received, were sometimes based on the roles men were expected to play in society. The article mentioned that the participants of this study, men working in libraries, did not mention experiencing derogatory comments about their sexuality, which is interesting because in a 1991 study called “The Male Librarian and the Feminine Image: A Survey of Stereotype, Status, and Gender Perceptions”, it was found that male librarians were stereotyped as gay.

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Why Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching?

This article took on a different perspective when analyzing why more men do not go into the field of teaching. Usually, only stereotypes are mentioned as reasons for men not pursuing careers in certain fields. Motoko Rich, the author, however, mentioned how jobs dominated by women pay less on average than those with higher proportions of men, which is another factor that prevents men from becoming teachers. In addition, with very few men currently in the field of teaching, other men may be less inclined to view it as a desirable career option, which is an issue educators are now trying to address.  

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