2017 Fall International Orientation Team Grad Rep

My name is Abdallah Shaban, and I am now a second year MBA student. I have been in the US for a year now.I am Originally from Jordan, and this is my first time as a member of the International Orientation team.

I choose to be part of the Orientation team because It was difficult being in a foreign country away from home. I had found that the people that have helped me at the first period during my transition are the people that I am most grateful for. I wanted to be able to support incoming international students on how to maximise the benefits of their experience at USD, providing them with information that I wish I would have known the moment I started this program.

My experience at USD so far has been interesting and full of pleasant surprises. I am meeting interesting people everyday, inside and outside of campus. I have tried activities that I never thought I would such as surfing, beach volleyball, and even Yoga!

As a prospective international student, you should use your time at USD as a platform to allow you to explore yourself, and find activities which you are passionate about. Do not take your time at USD for granted!