A Common Bond

University of President James Harris alongside alumni board president Vince Moiso


Sometimes big ideas can come from simple, everyday moments — at least that’s how USD alumnus Vince Moiso ’95 (BA) came to create The CEO Podcast with fellow entrepreneur Scott De Long. The two were having a beer in Moiso’s backyard when a conversation about their families segued to business. 

“We jumped into a bunch of different topics, and he stopped me at one point and said, ‘This should be a podcast. Do you want to do a podcast?’ I said, ‘I would love to do a podcast.’ That was June of 2021. By July we launched our podcast,” says Moiso. 

More than a year later and three seasons in, the hosts focus each weekly episode on a variety of topics that range from overcoming adversity to leading with purpose in business. USD President James T. Harris III, DEd, was a guest during the current season; he talked about his leadership journey and discussed the importance of embodying the mission of your workplace. 

SOLES alumna Khea Pollard ’15 (BA), ’18 (MA), who runs Cafe X: By Any Beans Necessary in Sherman Heights, was also a recent guest on the podcast. 

Moiso (shown alongside President Harris) is the president of Oceanside Glass and Tile and founder and president of VIS Aspire Inc., a small business coaching company. 

He’s also in his second year as the president of USD’s alumni association. “It’s all about connection. If we can get more and more alumni to reconnect and revisit the feeling they had when they were on campus, everything else comes together,” he says. 

Moiso’s daughter, Viviana ’24 (BA) is currently studying English, theatre and music. “I was so excited when she chose USD,” he says. “I couldn’t be prouder of what she’s doing and what she’s accomplishing. Sharing that bond — that both of us went to USD and we have that connection together — is huge.”

Connection is something Moiso clearly values in his role as a father, alumni association president and with his podcast adventure. He hopes others can become inspired by his podcast by taking nuggets of wisdom from each episode. 

“My hope, always, is that somebody listens to an episode, and it really resonates with them,” he says. “For my whole life, once I’ve seen someone else do something, then I know I can do it too. Once I know they’ve been successful, I know I can do that as well.”Elena Gomez

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