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Cover of the book Adorning BodiesDo We Dress to Impress?

How is meaning in our bodies constructed? To what extent is meaning in bodies innate and to what extent is meaning in bodies culturally constructed? Does it change when we adorn ourselves in dress? In Adorning Bodies, Assistant Professor of Philosophy Marilynn Johnson draws on evolutionary theory and philosophy to think about art, beauty and aesthetics and explore how the ways we use our bodies are similar to — and different from — animals. 


All Too PrescientCover of the book Fire and Ice

Retired military office George Galdorisi ’88 (MA) recently published Fire and Ice, a thriller focused on political and military tensions created by modern-day Russia at its vindictive worst. Vladimir Putin emerges as the central character who uses the fulcrum of Central Europe to threaten Western Europe through a series of attacks on energy sources. Can Putin and his rogue nation be thwarted through the combined efforts of EU and U.S. military might?


Get Mad, Then Get Busy

In Fight: How Gen Z Is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America, John Della Volpe ’89 (BA), director of polling at the Harvard Institute of Politics, explores Generation Z (those born from the late 1990s to early 2000s), the issues that matter most to them, and how they will shape the future. The book combines first-hand interviews with Gen Z members, drawing on their stories and experiences, with fresh data and insight.


Cover of the book, "Pursuing a Career in Mental Health"Wanted: Mental Health Pros
Our country desperately needs more compassionate and effective mental health professionals. SOLES Professor of Counseling and Marital and Family Therapy Ann Garland’s new book, Pursuing a Career in Mental Health, addresses this need and provides insiders’ perspectives. Throughout the book, dozens of practicing therapists — including many USD alumni and faculty members —
offer insights about the rewards and challenges of this career.

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