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USD Knauss School of Business Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration Kelli Bagley

Kelli Bagley / Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration / Knauss School of Business

Kelli Bagley provides leadership and oversight for non-academic resources including finance, human resources and facilities for USD’s Knauss School of Business. She’s excited to continue serving students with the wealth of resources that will be made possible in the months and years to come. 

“In the new Knauss Center for Business Education, the Center for Student Success will be prominently placed,” she explains. “This will be the home to our incredible team of dedicated staff and administrators who provide academic advising and student professional development services.” 

Each of the team members specializes in a different business discipline and collaborates closely with faculty members within that discipline.

“This approach allows staff to create a more customized, personal and intentional approach to our students’ success. Under one roof, a student will receive academic advising as well as co/extracurricular guidance, career coaching, expansive access to internships and mentorships specific to their industry of interest.”

This approach sets the Knauss School apart from others. “Our students will build an extensive network of relationship highways prior to graduation, which will guide them in their career journey
toward a life well-lived. This is really founded in our commitment and conviction to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. One of our goals is to educate and prepare our students to approach business as a pursuit of a greater good.”

Like her colleagues, she is devoted to the principles of ethical and compassionate leadership. “In addition to our robust academic programming, all business students have experiential learning activities embedded into their education. This translates classroom lessons into practical understanding of how academic theories can be applied to their own career aspirations and how those aspirations can be used to serve the greater good.” Julene Snyder

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