Getting to Know … Grace Frohling

Volleyball player Grace Frohling with a ball and a great big smile

CREDENTIALS: At 6’5,” Frohling has been an intimidating front-court presence for the Toreros since she was a first-year. She started all 27 matches for the Toreros in 2021 and led the team with 392 kills, which ranked third in the West Coast Conference. Despite her considerable individual success, she’s all-team, all the time. “We win and lose together, and we’re committed to getting better every day. I’m excited to see how far we can go.”

CULTURE SHOCK: It was evident to Frohling’s parents that if Grace and her older sister Hannah were to reach their full potential on the volleyball court, they’d need to relocate to a place where they could face top-level competition on a daily basis. “Growing up in Oklahoma and playing on club teams there is much different than here in California in terms of competition. It was tough to leave my friends, but I knew it would work itself out.”

SISTERS OF SWING: Sister Hannah is an outside hitter for Pepperdine University, and the two have already had several on-court battles as WCC rivals. “The first time we played against each other, it was weird for both of us, since we grew up playing on the same teams. Hannah wants to win and so do I, but we’re pretty good at separating the on-court stuff from our regular lives.”

BERLIN OR BUST: A junior communications major, Frohling doesn’t have post-graduation plans set in stone. She’s currently taking German and there are several professional volleyball leagues in Europe, including one in Germany. Hmm. “There’s a lot of opportunity overseas to play professionally, and it would be really cool to give that a try. I’m already speaking the language, so why not sample the culture, too?” Mike Sauer

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