Time of Your Life

USD dual degree students


Hopes and dreams are kicked into high gear when a student heads off to college. They’re expecting to emerge with not only a diploma, but a vast trove of experiences that they’ll look back on as the time of their lives.

That implied promise may be idealistic, but a new cohort of School of Business dual-degree students is well on its way to making those hopes and dreams a reality. This is the first year that five international students have arrived on the USD campus, halfway to their goal of graduating with two business degrees.

The quintet arrived in Fall 2018 from Madrid’s Universidad Pontificia Comillas, where they spent two years working on an international business degree. The students (above from left to right) — David Alba Burbano, Clara Toledo Pajares, Maria Lopez Melendo Goyarrola, Angela Gomez Fernandez and Ignacio Lopez Rey  — are eager to take the next step in their journey of  cross-cultural academia.

“Having the opportunity to go to another place, to meet new people and to be in a culture I’m not used to, I’m treating this as a gift,” says Goyarrola.

For USD students interested in the dual degree route, options include Madrid’s Comillas, Dublin City University in Ireland, Rome’s John Cabot University, Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal and the University of Strasbourg in France.

“This program is not for everyone, but it specifically targets students who like a challenge, want to expand themselves culturally and are well prepared for it,” says Associate Dean and Economics Professor Stephen Conroy, PhD. He points out that earning a dual degree will raise a student’s profile both professionally and personally. “It’s going to push students to grow in areas even they may not expect.”

“Professionally, we’re improving our English fluency and we’re trying to adapt to the lifestyle of the American people,” Fernandez says. “I know we will go back to Spain with a broader picture of everything. You can’t have that if you don’t go abroad.”

“If I were a student thinking about doing the dual degree program, they should go for it,” says Rey. “You’ll 100 percent regret what you don’t do. I’m having the time of my life here. I’m enjoying every minute.” — Ryan T. Blystone

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