Getting to Know … Sarah Trowbridge

USD Women's Rowing Coach Sarah Trowbridge

Age: 35

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Credentials: In her first season as the head coach with the University of San Diego Women’s Rowing team, Olympian Sarah Trowbridge brings extensive experience as both a coach and a rower. A member of the University of Michigan crew team during her undergraduate career, Trowbridge helped take the university to two Big Championships and NCAA Championships. After graduation, Trowbridge pursued numerous competition opportunities, including a six-place finish at the 2012 London Olympics in the double sculls. In addition to this, Trowbridge has coached on the national and international stage as a part of the Yale and Georgetown programs as well as a position as a U.S. National Team coach.

The Wild Child: Growing up, Trowbridge was a wild child. Bursting with energy, her parents signed her up for a wide array of sports, all in the hopes of wearing her out. During high school, on a whim, Trowbridge decided to give crew a try. It all clicked, and she hasn’t looked back. Her drive – to prove she can succeed. Not one to be held back by a challenge, Trowbridge is motivated to work harder and go faster, anything that will make her a better athlete and coach.

Regatta of Death: Trowbridge is a natural-born competitor with a hunger for any and all challenges. “We call it the Regatta of Death and it’s the qualification race. It’s your last chance to get your country in the Olympics for your event,” she says. “That was almost as important and memorable as being in the Olympics because we stamped our own ticket. By winning it we were going to the Olympics.” However impactful the Olympics were, some of her favorite crew memories have been ones that don’t end in a first-place finish. “The Pan-American games where we didn’t even win and it was probably one of the best races ever. I think Canada nipped us but it was just such a fun race. It was action packed. They made moves and we made moves. It felt like continued rallies of effort.”

Life’s a Tightrope: No challenge appears too large for this athlete, who has even mastered the tightrope. The life lesson being, “don’t fall.” Not afraid to push harder and further, Trowbridge sees her role as fostering her athletes’ inner fire, teaching them how to continue to achieve. Having been in their shoes, Trowbridge can coach from experience. “I imagine myself back in the boat with them,” she says. “I can relate to these athletes here and their drive and our team’s drive in gaining that forward momentum.”

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