Native Beauty

White sage plant in USD's Kumeyaay Garden


Kumeyaay Garden is the new name of the University of San Diego’s Tecolote Memorial Garden, celebrating that our campus is located upon the traditional territory of the Kumeyaay people, a Native American nation that still exists today in the San Diego area. A renaming ceremony is planned for Sept. 22, 2017, as part of California Native-American Day. The space honors indigenous plants as well as the Kumeyaay people’s connections to this land. The ceremony, hosted by the university’s Office of the Tribal Liaison, will include bird songs, storytelling, ethnobotany tours, Kumeyaay cultural activities and an art exhibition.

Notes on photograph:

Kumeyaay name: Nahekwi

English common name: Desert Brittlebush

Uses:  Decoction of blossoms, leaves and stems held in the mouth for toothaches.

Photo credit: Barbara Ferguson
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