Meet Bryson Brigman

USD Torero Bryson Brigman

AGE: 20

HOMETOWN: San Jose, Calif.

SUPERLATIVES: Brigman announced his presence with authority during his freshman campaign with the Toreros, posting an impressive .339 batting average and earning WCC Freshman of the Year honors. The best part? He’s a willing worker who believes you’re only as good as your last game. “I’m always working on getting better. In baseball, you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse, there’s no staying the same. The better comes with the work you do in practice, in the batting cage, on the field. The games are the payoff for that work.”

GREENER PASTURES: Prior to his freshman year of high school, Brigman had to make a difficult choice between two personal passions: baseball and hockey. The rink’s loss was the diamond’s gain, but it took some serious soul-searching before he made the final call. “I live in the Bay Area, and I used to fly down to Los Angeles and play with an amateur hockey team. It was a really tough schedule, as I’d stay in L.A. part of the week to play hockey, then fly back home for school. I just kind of felt like baseball was a better choice for me. I was a little bit better. I had been playing longer. I had always imagined being a pro baseball player when I was a kid, so that’s why I chose baseball.”

TOP OF THE ORDER: The oldest of four accomplished, baseball-loving brothers, Brigman looks forward to the rare opportunities when his busy schedule allows him time to jump on a plane and head home for a little family bonding. While very proud of his younger sibling’s successes on the field, he’s not willing to give them an inch when it comes to bragging rights in the family batting cage. “When we’re all home together, we head right out to the batting cage. We’re out there going at it until midnight, pushing each other to be better. There’s some pretty good trash talking, that’s for sure.”

BEATS BY BRIGMAN: During his high school years, Brigman was known to spin a record or two, and the former DJ is always looking for new beats that will inspire his performances on the field, and at the plate. “I love music, and I’ve got several songs that I use for my walk-up to the plate during home games. I’m a huge Future fan, and I’m always looking for his next song or album. I guess you could say I’m looking for Future in the future.”

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In June 2016, Brigman was a third-round selection (87th overall) in the annual Major League Baseball draft. He was drafted by the Seattle Mariners. Read more.

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