Meet the Taylor Sisters

AGE: Jackie (left), 21; Danielle (right), 18

MAJORS: Jackie, biology; Danielle, undeclared

HOMETOWN: San Ramon, Calif.

BIG FINS TO FILL: Older sister Jackie Taylor has firmly established herself as USD swimming and diving royalty, as she currently holds or shares four school records (50 and 100 freestyle, as well as the 400 medley relay and the 800 freestyle relay). “I’m sure Danielle will get them at some point, but I’d prefer she do it after I leave. I worked hard for those!” Danielle knows the bar has been set high, and she’s ready to stroke right over it. “She always gives me something to shoot for. I’d love to try and get those records before I’m done here. It gives me bragging rights at home!”

IT’S IN THE GENES: The Taylor sisters don’t have to go too many branches up the family tree to trace their exceptional athletic ability. “My dad (Michael Taylor) was a basketball player at Cal, and my mom (Mitsi) was a swimmer,” Jackie says. “Guess it’s a family thing.”

EXTRASENSORY: Whether it’s sharing a lane in practice, or torching the competition on race day, the Taylor girls have an almost preternatural connection in the water. Danielle feels it’s been there since they were in floaties. “I love swimming next to her. It’s not even like we plan it. We share lanes in the pool during practice all the time. We’ve started next to each other in a lot of meets, too. Whoa. When you think about it, it really is kinda weird!”