Exactly Opposite

USD football receivers Brandon White and Reggie Bell.


If you’ve spent any time at Torero Stadium over the past few seasons watching USD football’s prolific passing attack wreak havoc on opposing defenses, consider yourself fortunate. After all, it’s not every year — or every few years, or even every decade for that matter — that you’ll have a chance to witness a more dynamic receiving duo than Reggie Bell ’15 and Brandon White ’15.

Both possess an unbridled passion for the game of football. Both believe that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. And both are more than willing to put in the work it takes to reach their maximum potential on the field.

And that’s where their similarities end.

“Both Reggie and Brandon are dynamic athletes who have the ability to change a game with one play,” says USD Football Receivers Coach Cory Martin. “Their playing styles couldn’t be much more different though, and that’s a good thing.”

A fifth-year redshirt senior, Bell is a fleet and frenetic force of nature who led the Toreros in receptions (65), and receiving yards (1,050) in 2013. He also has no problem letting teammates know exactly how he feels they’re performing — be it good or bad. “I’m a vocal leader, and I expect a lot out of my teammates,” he says. “I know what it takes to win, and if we’re not doing what we need to do on the field to be successful, I’ll let people know.”

As the reigning offensive MVP for the Toreros, Bell takes his responsibilities as a leader to heart. He volunteered to organize a variety of team drills over the offseason and served as drill sergeant in-residence when the players hit the weight room. “No one has worked harder in preparation for this season than Reggie, and he sets an extremely high standard,” Martin says.

Nicknamed “the silent assassin” by his coaches, White’s cool, calm and collected personality stands in stark contrast to Bell’s vociferousness. His height and silky-smooth style have made him a very attractive target for USD quarterbacks, especially when the Toreros are on the march deep in their opponent’s territory.

“I know I’m not the fastest guy in the world, but I know how to get open,” White says. “I know how to use my height, and I can read the ball well when it’s in the air, so either I catch it, or nobody does.”

More often that not, those catches end up putting points on the board for the Toreros. White led the team with 12 touchdown receptions in 2013, and he feels he can add to that impressive total this year — with a little help from his pass-catching partner, of course.

“Reggie’s so smart, he’s got a lot of different moves that he can teach me that I’m sure will help my game,” he says. “We may not look or play alike on the field, but we’re always pushing each other to be better, and that’s what makes us so effective.” — Mike Sauer

Pictured above: USD wide receivers Brandon White (above left) and Reggie Bell (above right).