Ticket to Ride

USD deans about to embark on the Torero Tour.


This is the true story of four busy people who decided to take a week out of their summer, climb on a bus and hit the road, aiming to visit six key cities and meet up with hundreds of Torero faithful.

First and foremost, the road trip will accentuate the positive. “It’s about delivering the exhilaration of what’s happening on campus directly to Toreros,” says Alumni Relations Director Charles Bass. “This is a unique opportunity to hear the USD story with a fresh perspective. It’s also a way for everyone who cares about the university to share their own stories: alumni, yes, but also parents, donors and friends.”

The fab four charged to spread that message — once they disembark from the big blue bus with the distinctive Toreros logo emblazoned on the side — are (pictured from left to right, above) Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering Dean Chell Roberts, School of Business Dean David Pyke, Executive Director of Athletics Ky Snyder, and College of Arts and Sciences Dean Noelle Norton.

“The Torero Tour will promote the formation of the new Torero Clubs, which are intended to create a stronger connection among our alumni, parents and friends with each other and the university,” explains Snyder.

USD deans having fun.The road trip kicks off in Los Angeles on June 18, and then travels to San Jose (June 19), San Francisco (June 20), Phoenix (June 21) and San Diego (June 23), culminating in Orange County (June 24).

“Instead of hosting individual events for the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering and Athletics, the Torero Tour will be a fun, festive and informative way to take the great things happening on campus to our largest concentration of constituents,” says Snyder.

Dean Roberts is looking forward to getting up close and personal with Toreros on the tour. “I plan to paint a picture of what’s possible at USD in engineering, to really explain how we’re going to develop this program into one of the top ten engineering schools in the country.”

The bus will pull up to several unique venues, including the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers’ training facility in San Jose, AT&T Park in San Francisco (home to Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants) and Silverleaf Country Club in Phoenix. Inside, attendees will enjoy brief remarks by Snyder and the deans, as well as appetizers, libations, humorous interludes and at least one surprise guest. “We can’t reveal just who the guest is,” says Bass. “You’ll just have to catch us on the road and find out in person.” — Julene Snyder

To learn more, call the Alumni Association at (619) 260-4819.

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