The Death Camp that the Government of Veracruz Covered Up – by Miguel Ángel León Carmona (La Silla Rota)

  ~ This report was originally published on April 26, 2017 ~ A ranch with hundreds of bones, ashes, clothes, and other evidence was found in Tihuatlán, and subsequently abandoned by the attorney general’s office three months ago. TIHUATLÁN, Veracruz.- Continue reading

Fishermen Forced to Smuggle Bodies to El Arbolillo in Veracruz – by Miguel Ángel León Carmona (e-Veracruz)

~ This story was originally published on March 22, 2017 ~ “Criminals came to recruit fishermen in Alvarado because they saw that there was no work here. They gave people a skiff for shrimp fishing and gas to use all Continue reading

Génesis Urrutia, or How Being Young in Veracruz is a Death Sentence – by Violeta Santiago (VICE)

A protest over Genesis's disappearance

~ This story was originally published by VICE on October 10, 2016 ~ Génesis Urrutia was 22. Her friends and classmates described her as an outgoing, happy person, who dreamed of finishing her degree in Communication at the University of Continue reading