Veracruz: Portrait of a Dysfunctional State – by Michael Lettieri, TBI Staff

With under two years remaining in the governorship of Javier Duarte, it is clear that his administration of Veracruz has been disastrous. With statewide elections due to take place in Veracruz in 2016, it is necessary to examine the issues Continue reading

The Millions of Pesos that Veracruz sends to Mexico State: Where are they from and who are they for? – by Lilia Baizabal (Plumas Libres)

 ~ This column was originally published by Plumas Libres on May 25, 2015 ~   “Immunity for the great thief, jail for he who robs bread.” – Pablo Neruda It must be asked: what is the purpose of the millions Continue reading

When the Clock Stopped – by Ricardo Vázquez Salazar (

~ This column was originally published by on June 28, 2015 ~   Unfortunate decisions and tyrannical impositions that go against the citizenry; only because they are politically expedient. With the new, patched up Traffic Law—authoritarian and packed with Continue reading

The 2015 midterm elections, the defeat of Peña Nieto…and of Mexico – by Jorge Carrasco Araizaga (Proceso)

~ This commentary was originally published by Proceso on June 4, 2015 ~ Mexico, D.F.—Even before the polls open on Sunday (June 7), the unfolding of the 2015 election foreshadows the defeat of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto. Contemplative, Continue reading