President Trump’s “Big Beautiful Doors” with Mexico – by Miguel Aguirre (Border Fusion Group)

Miguel Aguirre is a member of TBI’s advisory council and the guest editor of TBI’s Freedom of Expression Project for the week of January 23-28, 2017. He is the founder and CEO of the Border Fusion Group. While national rhetoric Continue reading

2016 Election Preview – by Michael Lettieri (TBI)

This Sunday, June 5, thirteen Mexican states will hold local elections. Many of these elections occur against the backdrop of increasing violence and political corruption. According to Semaforo Delictivo, seven of these states are experiencing increasing homicides (Aguascalientes, Baja California, Continue reading

“Dirty War” Between Candidates for Governor Intensifies in Veracruz – by Noé Zavaleta (Proceso)

~ This article was originally published by Proceso on May 17, 2016 ~   Translator’s Note — Tensions are running high — again — in the state of Veracruz. Elections for governor and 50 state legislators take place on June Continue reading