Meet Our Team


Dr. Susie Hutchins is a Clinical Associate Professor who teaches in the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing. Dr. Hutchins has a long-standing yoga and meditation practice and is interested in mentoring the next generation of nurses to improve their well-being, professional satisfaction, and compassion for themselves and their patients. Her research interests include using mindfulness stress reduction approaches with nursing students.


Dr. Mike Terry, Clinical Associate Professor and Family/Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, teaches in the Doctoral and Master’s Nurse Practitioner program. Dr. Terry has a long-standing interest in various meditative modalities and uses narrative reflection in his teaching and clinical practice. He is interested in studying the efficacy of various stress reduction techniques to improve the well-being of nursing students.

NadineNadine Kassity-Krich, MBA, BSN is a MEPN Program Clinical Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor who teaches in the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing and Executive Nurse Leader program. She is a graduate of the Leland Kaiser Integrative Fellowship Program and author of First Heal Thyself, a stress reduction guide for health care professionals. Over the past 18 years, she has had a strong clinical interest in spirituality, meditation, and journaling and has shared her expertise throughout the U.S. She also co-chaired the Integrative Program at Rady Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Cheryl Butera is an Associate Professor and Director of the Dickinson Nursing Simulation Center who has taught for many years in the Doctoral and Masters’ Nurse Practitioner Program. She has a long-standing yoga and meditation practice and recently completed the 8-week MBSR workshop at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Professor Butera is a yoga teacher and developed a restorative yoga – stress reduction program at Palomar City College. Her research interests include stress reduction among nursing students.

BormannSDr. Jill Bormann is the Associate Nurse Executive for Research at the VA San Diego Healthcare system. She is also a USD Clinical Professor and mentors PhD students. Her program of research is on the health benefits of the Mantram Repetition Program—a set of portable, mindful, self-care tools that embrace spirituality and promote spiritual well-being. She has published several studies, including randomized clinical trials, showing that the practice of mantram repetition improves mindful attention and psychological outcomes in Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For more information about mantram, see