“Reflecting Pool by the Garden of the Sea” at USD

The Mind-Body-Spirit Team at the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science promotes the well-being of students, faculty, and staff through stress reduction interventions inside and outside the classroom.  We are dedicated to supporting students in the development of stress hardiness as they move through graduate school and into their professional careers.  We are also committed to enabling faculty to use stress-reduction interventions to promote student and faculty well-being.  We address the stress-reduction needs of students, faculty, and staff by making available a variety of resources.


Dear Colleague:

As an RN, you understand the toll our shared profession can take. Nationally, nurse turnover stands at 20 percent, but nearly 40 percent of nurses are ready to leave their job after a single year. About 14 percent leave the field altogether, and the ‘working wounded’ that remain are at best demoralized and at worst error-prone.

It’s precisely why want you to know about a new Public Radio series, Resilient Nurses, now online.

This one-hour special, produced by award-winning public radio documentary producer David Freudberg, takes a no-holds-barred look at what ails American RNs and the stress they work under. It also offers a promising glimpse into the growing number of nurses fighting back by harnessing their own well-being through resilience.

And the stories are inspiring.

We hope you will take time to listen online, tune into your local NPR station, or listen to SiriusXM’s Feb. 22 broadcast on NPR (4pm ET, 1pm PT on channel #122) – and to share Resilient Nurses with your colleagues, students and loved ones.

And if you’re so moved, we hope you’ll consider a resilient practice of your own.