Standard 6: Exhibit 8

Faculty Work Load Policies

Standard Workload
Prior to the fall 2009 (Leadership Studies) and 2010 (Learning and Teaching), the annual full-time assignment for tenure-line faculty was 18 units per year.  Faculty may decide to have intersession and/or summer teaching as part of their 18-unit workload.  In fall 2009, Leadership Studies faculty load changed to 15 units per year, due to the demand of working with Ph.D. students.  In fall 2010, the workload policy also changed in the Department of Learning and Teaching; however, not for all faculty.  Given that some faculty were hired when the criteria for promotion and tenure were heavily weighted towards (1) teaching and (2) service, it was decided that several faculty would maintain an 18-unit load.  Thus, they are not penalized in merit pay assignment, which places scholarship on par with teaching.  Currently only three Learning and Teaching faculty have an 18-unit load while all other faculty hold a 15-unit load.  In addition, all first year SOLES faculty, regardless of rank, carry a 12-unit load.  When faculty have special research and/or grant related duties (e.g. editing a journal), additional release time is awarded as appropriate to the work load responsibilities.

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