CTC Addendum for Standard 6

Response to CTC Common Standards

Standard 6: Advice and Assistance

  • 6.1 Qualified members of the unit are assigned and available to advise applicants and candidates about their academic, professional and personal development, and to assist each candidate’s professional placement.
  • 6.2 Appropriate information is accessible to guide each candidate’s attainment of all program requirements.
  • 6.3 The institution and/or unit provide support and assistance to candidates and only retains candidates who are suited for entry or advancement in the education

6.1 Full time faculty in the Department of Learning and Teaching and the Counseling Program serve as advisors for initial and advanced candidates. Teacher and counselor candidates are assigned a faculty advisor at the time they are accepted. Teacher credential candidates are given additional support from the Director of Professional Services, who oversees the teacher credential programs and two part time pathway managers.  Pathway managers facilitate candidate placement in regional schools. One pathway manager work specifically with elementary teacher candidates and one works with secondary teacher candidates.

6.2 All programs provide specific information about program requirements at the department websites and in program handbooks.

URLS of each department and program are:

Handbooks for programs are available at these URLs:

Initial Programs

Advanced Programs

6.3 As outlined in detail in Standard 2, there are many points at which teacher, counselor, and principal candidates are assessed.  For candidates who are struggling, specific intervention plans are developed with the advisor and every effort is made to ensure that candidates have an opportunity to be successful in the program. Program faculty members pay particular attention to candidates prior to field experiences.  There are occasional
situations in which a candidate is not able to remain in the program and participate in field experiences. Typically, the candidate’s advisor and/or Director of Professional Services meet with the candidate and reach a mutual decision about leaving the program.

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