Standard 5: Exhibit 6

Opportunities for professional development activities provided in the unit

SOLES Faculty Research Grants: Tenure track faculty are eligible to apply for competitive faculty research grants each spring. SOLES Faculty Handbook

SOLES Global Faculty Grants: The purpose of the SOLES Global Faculty Grants program is to help SOLES internationalize the curriculum by promoting collaborative research on international themes and/or by exposing faculty to different cultures and languages. The committee evaluates proposals on the strength of their connection to SOLES’ internationalization goal and to the perceived benefit towards increasing faculty members’ research programs or language fluency. The committee also considers how the proposed project will strengthen the faculty member’s scholarship and build a long-term international research agenda.  Priority is given to proposals for international research with colleagues in at least one other nation or culture, international research with at least one SOLES student involved, and travel to another nation with the primary purpose being to improve non-English language skills are given priority. SOLES Faculty Handbook

Sabbatical Leave – Tenure track faculty are eligible every 7 years for a one semester sabbatical leave at full salary, or two semesters at half salary.  The policy on sabbatical leaves is available at:

University Professorships: The University Professorship recognizes outstanding, balanced cumulative career contributions by a tenured Associate or Full Professor who clearly demonstrates the mission and goals of USD. The award carries both a certificate of recognition and a stipend (at present $20,000). University Professorships for eligible SOLES faculty are awarded every other year.  Thirteen current  SOLES faculty members have received University Professorship awards.  Additional Information about the Professorships can be found on the website:

Educational Leadership Development Academy Spotlight on Education Speaker Series – Each year, this well attended series brings innovative education thinkers to campus to speak to area superintendents, principals, site leadership teams and teacher leaders.  Although the public pays for series subscriptions SOLES faculty have a standing invitation to attend for free. During the 2008-2009 academic year speakers included: Jack O’Connell, Anthony Muhammad, Karin Chenoweth, Willard Daggett and Alan Blankstein.

  • During the 2009-2010 academic year speakers included Ken Kay, Marc Prensky, Sir Ken Robinson, Alan November and Milton Chen.
  • During the 2010-2011 academic year include: Alan November, Michael Furdyk, Matthew Spathas, Mike Schmoker and Yong Zhao.

Dean’s Speaker Series: The Dean has established an occasional speaker series to bring truly outstanding scholars to SOLES to speak to and interact with faculty.  Speakers to date have included John Bransford, Michael Cole. Alan Luke, Alex Kozulin, Cameron McCarthy, Mary Merryfield, and Vivien Stewart.

Faculty Travel: All tenure line faculty may spend $1100 for professional travel.  New tenure line faculty, (in their first three years of service), are eligible for additional support for up to two additional conferences in which they are presenting.  In addition the Dean  often grants additional funds to faculty presenting at International conferences from her discretionary fund.

Center for Educational Excellence: The University of San Diego’s Center for Educational Excellence presents a variety of workshops focused on the improvement of teaching throughout the academic year.  Information about the Center as well as the schedule of workshops is available on its website.

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