Standard 4: Exhibit 1: M.Ed. Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Standard 4-Diversity Candidate Learning Outcomes

The following Table includes the anchor course for Advanced Professional Programs M.Ed., Math, Science and Technology and the learning outcome for the course with the focus on diversity learning outcomes only.

M.Ed. Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Course Title

Outcome III-Ethics, Values & Diversity

EDUC 550-Distance Education
  • Understand the influence that textual-based communication has on diversity and learning.
EDUC 559 Teaching with Technology in Diverse Communities
  • Understand how culture shapes learning is in a diverse society.
EDUC 578-Learning and Technology
EDUC 571-Curriculum Design and Evaluation in Math/Science and Tech
  • Develop a personal viewpoint, wherever possible, in relation to the global themes and issues studied
EDUC 572-Psychology Of Mathematical Thinking
EDUC 573-Adv. Seminar in Math Content (3 Units)
EDUC 574-Pedagogical Processes for Science Education
EDUC 576-Advanced Seminar in Science Content