Standard 4: Exhibit 1: M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 4-Diversity Candidate Learning Outcomes

The following Table includes the anchor course for Advanced Professional Program M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction and the learning outcome for the course with the focus on diversity learning outcomes only.

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

Course Title

Outcome III-Ethics, Values & Diversity

EDUC 535-Assessment and Curriculum Design (3 units)
(Also Required for M.Ed. Credential Cohort (MCC Program)
  • Recognize the ways in which curriculum and evaluation can be differentiated to meet diverse sets of student needs.
  • Critically reflect upon the challenges posed by existing curriculum and evaluation structures for a diverse range of students.  
  • Take contextual considerations (instructional materials, individual student interests, needs, and aptitudes, and community resources) into account in planning curriculum that creates an effective bridge between standards and students’ experiences.
  • Design curriculum for learning opportunities that recognize and address variation in learning styles and performance modes, providing for student differences.
EDUC 536-Curriculum Innovations
(Also Required for M.ed. Credential Cohort (MCC Program)
  • Demonstrate instructional strategies designed to help all students meet content standards including ways that consider diverse family, and community contexts
  • Have knowledge of instructional technologies designed to meet the needs of students with diverse linguistic, cognitive, and socio-cultural profiles
EDUC 517-Multiple Literacies
  • Investigate the implications of a multiple literacies perspective for designing
  • Develop supportive learning contexts for culturally, linguistically, and cognitively diverse learners across content areas
  • Explore the political nature of literacy pedagogy and practices