Standard 4: Exhibit 1: Core Courses for all Masters of Education Program

Standard 4-Diversity Candidate Learning Outcomes for Advanced Education Programs. 
(ACE-Learning Outcome III-Values, Ethics and Diversity)

Masters Degree in Education Core Courses for Curriculum and Instruction, Math Science and Technology, TESOL, Literacy and Culture, Induction Masters Program, Masters Cohort Credential Single Subject and Multiple Subjects Programs

Core Courses for all Masters of Education Program

Course Title Outcome III-Ethics, Values & Diversity
EDUC 500 Research Methodology (3 units)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the cognitive research targeted towards under-represented students’ approach and attitudes towards school-based learning and learning styles.
  • Demonstrate skills to apply the findings from key cognitive research to support diverse students’ learning in school.
  • Demonstrate dispositions to support diverse students’ learning by considering the social, cultural, and historic factors in teaching and assessing their learning.
EDUC 510-Cognitionand Learning (3 units)
  • Learn the importance of language, both spoken and written, in the development of individuals as well as the evolution of humankind. 
  • Prepare multicultural materials and those that can be presented in multiple languages.
  • Prepare materials that portray cultures from all continents and be able to discuss cultural and geographical diversity with the young child.
EDUC 580 Action Research/Thesis Seminar (3 units)
  • Review competencies in the ethical use of electronic research tools, internet services, and the ability to use technology as a support to action research and student learning.
  • Review research studies from an international contexts including studies conducted on diverse student populations