Standard 3: Exhibit 2: School Faculty Selection Criteria

General Teacher Education (multiple and single subject)
The two types of school faculty working with the teacher credential candidates in schools are University Supervisors and Master Teachers.

Currently, the field placement managers create an updated list each semester of local public school sites that meet criteria for the pre-student teaching practicum field experience.  Information and recommendations about quality school sites and trained master teachers are provided to the field placement managers through individual school district administrators, university supervisors, faculty and candidates. The placement managers additionally conduct on-site visits, observations and evaluations of schools and teachers prior to selection as a fieldwork site.

Student teachers are regularly placed with master teachers who are principal- recommended, exemplary mentor teachers, National Board Certified Teachers, district- selected teachers nominated and/or chosen as a “Teacher of the Year.”  Student teachers are required to do fieldwork experience in at least one low-performing school site with English learners.

Standards and procedures for selection of master teachers for student teachers are based on university and school district standards. Each master teacher must hold a valid credential in her or his subject area

Master teachers must be tenured faculty in their school district, with a minimum of four years teaching experience. Additionally, it is preferred that master teachers have prior experience training student teachers and/or are recommended by the principal/district based on our criteria.  Further, master teachers must verify ongoing professional development.

University supervisors are required to: 1) have a credential and minimum of three years’ classroom teaching experience in the area in which they are supervising, 2) participate in professional development training for student teacher supervision, 3) attend a minimum of one professional development meeting each semester, and 4) be knowledgeable of the (1) California Standards for the Teaching Profession; (2) California State Curriculum Frameworks; (3) Teacher Performance Expectations –TPEs. The professional development we provide helps ensure that university supervisors have this knowledge.

Special EducationMild/Moderate Education Specialist
Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The University Supervisor observes candidates in the classroom, meets with them to discuss and provide feedback about the strengths, best practices and any issues that might arise, and they review and grade the Teaching Portfolio. The selection of the University Supervisors who supervise Education Specialists candidates is based on the criteria outlined below. 
Criteria for the Selection of University Supervisors:

  • An advanced degree (MA, PhD or EdD) in special education or a related field
  • At least three years teaching and/or supervising teachers
  • A teaching credential (preferably in special education)

School Counseling
Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)

Criteria for the selection of school faculty/field supervisors

USD full-time faculty have the first option for teaching either the practicum (weekly course) or fieldwork seminar course (every other week). Then there is a list of adjunct instructors that have taught ongoing courses, some with PhD, if not they would be current or retired practitioners. There is a strong database of available instructors. Onsite supervisors are chosen based on their years of experience in the role of school counselor (minimum 2 years), recommendation from district supervisors of guidance, and each semester the student intern evaluates the onsite supervisor and the site. We have many alumni who now assume that role.

University supervisors make the site visits and act as liaisons between the school site and USD counseling program. All are experienced school counselors.

Preliminary Educational Administration
Professional Educational Administration 

Criteria for the selection of school faculty

Each district-employed field experience supervisor is carefully selected, trained in supervision, oriented to the supervisory role, and certified and experienced in either teaching the class content or performing the services authorized by the credential.

The candidate’s Fieldwork Supervisor is their immediate supervisor or appointee. For most of our candidates, their supervisor will be their principal, assistant principal, school district coordinator, superintendent, etc.)

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