Standard 2: Exhibit 6:SOLES Student Complaint Process

Standard 2: Exhibit 6: Policies for handling student complaints

SOLES Student Complaint Process

SOLES encourages students to give voice to concerns that arise in the course of their programs of study.

The SOLES Graduate Student Association (SGSA), consisting of elected student representatives, is one vehicle for raising issues of general concern to students. The SGSA President’s report of student activities and issues is a standing agenda item at monthly SOLES faculty/administrator meetings.

When individual student complaints are governed by another University or SOLES policy, the complaint will be handled in a manner consistent with that policy. Examples include but are not limited to grade grievances, complaints of harassment, discrimination, or research misconduct.

Complaints about courses, other than grade grievances, should be brought directly to the instructor of the class in question to seek resolution through a face-to-face discussion. If this meeting does not resolve the student’s concern he or she should meet with the appropriate program director or department chair to seek assistance. If, after taking this step, the student’s concern is still unresolved, he or she should contact the Associate Dean of SOLES who will work to resolve the issue in conformance with the policies of USD, SOLES, and the student’s program. There is no appeal beyond this level.

Complaints of a non-academic nature, as well as personal issues that are interfering with academic progress should be brought directly to the Assistant Dean of SOLES.

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