Standard 2: Exhibit 5

Sample of candidate assessment data disaggregated by alternate route, off campus and distance learning programs

Much of the early program assessment data were retained on paper documents. The first electronic data collection was program exit surveys, developed by faculty in each program and delivered by SOLES Office of Assessment, using Survey Monkey.  Survey Monkey permitted data to be exported into Excel spreadsheets, which can be more easily analyzed for program use than data collected using paper documents. This provided important information for program evaluation, but allowed only for indirect assessment of student learning. Since Fall of 2008, the Office of Assessment Support has assisted all programs with a clinical component in using an on-line system of data collection for direct evidence of knowledge skills and dispositions. In spring 2010, SOLES purchased Qualtrics software to facilitate more direct assessment efforts across all programs.

Initial Programs
All initial teacher candidate programs use assessment data at several points in the program. Below are samples from clinical, midpoint and final assessments. Please note that for teacher education clinical experiences, supervisors, cooperating teachers, and candidates complete the same instrument at the midpoint and at the end of the fieldwork. The PACT assessment is presented in three documents to show how faculty in the Department of Learning and Teaching disaggregate the data to examine candidate performance thoroughly.

Advanced Programs
The advanced programs in the Professional Education Unit collect data for program level assessment at the midpoint and the end of the program. Below are samples from several advanced programs.

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