Standard 1: Exhibit 3

Key assessments and scoring guides used by faculty to assess candidate learning against standards and the outcomes identified in the unit’s conceptual framework for programs not included in the national program review process or a similar state process


Descriptions of key assessments and scoring guides reviewed by the California Council for Teacher Credentialing may be found in the 2008 USD CTC Biennial Report. This report has a table of contents that contains direct links to the following programs:

  • Multiple and Single Subject (Elementary and Secondary) Credential Programs
  • Education Specialist (Special Education) Credential Program
  • School Counseling Credential Program
  • Administrative Services (Administrator) Credential Program

We plan to submit the next Biennial Report in late August 2011.  It will be available well in advance of the on-site visit.

In addition, complete descriptions for the two programs in special education (Special Education/Mild Moderate Disabilities and Special Education/Deaf and Hard of Hearing) are available in SPA reports on the NCATE AIMS website.

Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment Instruments


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