Exhibits by Standard

Exhibits for NCATE Offsite Reviews and Onsite Visits:
Continuous Improvement and Transformation Initiative Options
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

November 2009

The exhibits below are critical for determining that NCATE unit standards continue to be met. They must be available for the Offsite BOE Team’s review of the institutional report (TIIR) and the visit by the Onsite BOE Team. The quality of these exhibits will determine their degree of utility for teams. In most cases, this list of exhibits, the information available in NCATE’s Accreditation Information Management System (AIMS), and tables in the TIIR represent all of the evidence required to demonstrate that an institution continues to meet the NCATE unit standards. If the exhibits presented do not provide evidence that a standard is met, the Offsite BOE Team will inform the institution in its feedback report so that the institution will have the opportunity to provide additional evidence for the onsite visit.

Exhibits should be organized by standard and available electronically to BOE team members. The institutional report should include a list of the electronic exhibits with links to them. In some instances, one exhibit may be related to more than one standard; the link should be referenced for each standard. Please check each link to ensure that it takes the user to the intended documents or pages in a long document.

Assigned BOE team members will have access in AIMS to the unit’s third-party testimony, annual reports, program reports submitted for national review, national recognition reports, program reports for state reviews and state findings, reports from the previous NCATE visit, and other relevant reports that have been submitted to NCATE. The faculty chart submitted for national program review in AIMS will also be available to the team. The institution should not duplicate these materials in its exhibits. The exhibits that should be available to the Offsite BOE Team and the Onsite BOE Team are listed in the tables that follow.