USD-SB IN-App Event Form

A new free mobile application has been created exclusively for current and incoming undergraduate and graduate USD business students to actively engage this summer with each other and to have access to 30+ valuable workshops to enhance their skillset and mindset during the current crisis.

Geared to “INspire, INterconnect, INvigorate” and to provide “INsight,” the IN mobile app serves as a personal conference app, enabling students to stay in touch with USD School of Business professors, classmates and school officials by way of the virtual workshops.

Complete the information on the “Submit an Event for the SB IN-App” above to have your event added to the app. Note: The event cannot be added to the app without a registration link.

IMPORTANT: It is suggested that you create a Zoom meeting using the registration feature to collect registration information. Detailed instructions on how to do this for the first time, including required custom questions so students can receive Passport points and (if applicable) a Grubhub meal credit to use the day of the student club or other event.

For Passport Credit, complete an Event Approval Request Form and include the registration link.

For a Grubhub Meal Credit for School of Business students to use the day of a student club meeting or other approved event: by noon two business days before event, send your complete attendee list to Cathy Appel at Note: we must have a student’s permission to send Grubhub their information. If you plan to offer Grubhub, be sure you added the custom question to your registration form (see directions in step 2 above). More information on the School of Business Corporate Grubhub Account.

Send a reminder email to your attendees via Zoom 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.

After the event, download the list of registrants from Zoom, cross reference with the “usage report” (to confirm who actually attended) and send a file with the first name, last name, email and student ID number of all undergraduate attendees to Isela Reyes at to ensure proper tracking for Passport points. Please send attendance records within 48 hours after the event. Click for directions on accessing reports. Students should attend 75% or more of the session to get passport points.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact