Access MyCoursEval Portal

The MyCoursEval™ portal is accessible by students, instructors, and school administrators. Users will have the ability to take surveys, view reports, and have access to other features based on their relationship to courses and assignments to surveys.

The CoursEval Portal can be access in several ways…

On the Blackboard Support Resources landing page

On a specific course page usually under the Student Resources Tab
(if the faculty has made it visible)

If you a Student and login through Blackboard you will land on your My Survey page where you will see a list of your active surveys. Note: if the survey for a class is not yet opened by the faculty, you will not see the survey in this list.

The list of following viewable options once you have entered the CoursEval Portal page will depend on whether you are a student, faculty, or admin.

MyCoursEval™ Home
The Home button automatically determines the best page for you to land on and sends you there depending upon your role and the activities you are associated with. For example:

  • Do you as a student have surveys to take? If yes, then you land on the Available Surveys page.
  • Do you have reports to view as a faculty? If yes, then you land on the Recent Reports page.
  • Are you an administrator? If yes, then you land on the Admin View.

You can always navigate away from the default landing page to access other areas of the portal if your role allows.

Available Surveys
View the list of surveys you need to take now and surveys you have saved progress on to finish later.

Completed Surveys
View the list of surveys that you have completed. This option is always available as a reference.

Missed Surveys
View the list of surveys that you were assigned in the past, but were not submitted. This option is
always available as a reference.

If you are a Faculty and login through Blackboard you will land on your “My Reports” page. This page will list all upcoming reports that are not yet ready for review and list any recent reports that have been released for your review…

MySurvey Faculty Page
Click the back arrow icon to go to the MyCoursEval Portal Homepage

Recent Reports
If you have a leadership role on a course, you will see the course in the Recent Report list. This will
most likely be your home page. From this list you can:

  1. View the current response rate
  2. Preview the survey form
  3. Leave feedback for students

Response Rates
Response rate is always available in your recent report list. You will also see it for all historical reports on the Evaluation and Individual report lists as well as the actual reports.

Evaluation Report
The Evaluation Report provides detailed statistics and comparisons for each survey answer. You will also be able to view the comments left by the survey responders.

Individual Report
The Individual Report segregates results for the course and each instructor. Statistics on this report are
limited, but simple.

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