Jason Kowalczyk, Ph.D. student, UC Davis

“I got my start in research by working for Dr. Goldschmied. I have both helped him with his research and collaborated with him on a study. Not only did working with Dr. Goldschmied help me realize my desire to become a researcher, but the experience also improved my research capabilities and strengthened my grad school application. I am currently starting the PhD program in social psychology at UC Davis.”

Veronica Ramirez, NIH UGSP Scholar

As a research assistant at Dr. Goldschmied’s lab, I worked on the underdog effect and commercial products project. During this time, I learned to work with human participants and helped collect, manage, and analyze data. I received valuable mentorship as well as independence to increase my research skills, which led to new opportunities, like becoming a McNair Scholar and NIH UGSP Scholar. I am currently a post-baccalaureate research fellow at NIH, and my main interest is to understand the neurobiological and psychological aspects of addiction and impulsive behavior.”

Alaysia Brown, M.S./Ph.D. Student, University of Missouri

“Dr. Goldschmied played a crucial role in my introduction to the research process. As a student-athlete at a private Catholic college I was quite familiar with being an underdog and gravitated towards his area of research. I was eager to explore how underdogs are perceived and what makes them so lovable and easy to root for. In working as a research assistant in Dr. Goldschmied’s lab I learned how to design and implement a research study and analyze data, which culminated in the production of a manuscript that was crucial to my entrance into a doctoral program. I am currently a second year graduate student in Human Development at the University of Missouri. My research interests include examining how race, family, and socio-cultural factors such as skin tone influence sexual behavior and intimate partnerships. Being part of Dr. Goldschmied’s research lab was an invaluable experience! Thank you Dr. Goldschmied!”