Success Stories

CobaltMCA consultants provided Cobalt Construction Company market research on the targeted markets of ShorWall, a new underground construction product.  The MCA then recommended a strategy on how to utilize the resulting research to inform Cobalt’s CEO and the ShorWall startup team on ShorWall’s product launch and long term strategic plan.  The final presentation and report of the MCA’s findings was the most comprehensive and realistic advice the CEO had received on ShorWall since it was developed over five years ago. Each member of the team received professional recommendations and accolades from the client.



MCA consultants prepared a strategic plan for fundraising.  The funds development plan scoped potential new sources of revenue for SJC. These included the potential for increased individual contributions in addition to grants and other novel sources of income.  SJC utilized the MCA to be able to subsidize cost to mitigate the burden on families.



MCA consultants provided budgeting and cost analysis advising to Cardborigami’s Los Angeles operations. Through detailed research on an efficient inventory system, the MCA determined how many new hires Cardborigami needed and how long it would take to get their product from storage to market. It was a challenging and exciting project for the MCA, and the consultants were also able to partner with Volunteers of America who helped staff the homeless people trying to find work.



MCA consultants embarked on a process consultation project with a UBS wealth management team in San Diego. The bank has over 150 years of experience in serving private, corporate, and institutional clients worldwide. Their operational structure covers five areas, three of which focus on wealth and asset management. The client’s primary focus is on wealth management, our focus on one of their most successful wealth management offices in the United States provided a unique opportunity to interact with a seasoned team. The impetus for our consulting engagement was to understand and document the organizational behaviors that fueled a highly successful team, a team that reported a 36 percent increase in revenue in its previous year and had already surpassed that number by Fall 2014, when the MCA began its engagement. By studying the team’s behavior, we were able to draw synthesized conclusions on how the team’s ethos, traits, and commitment to their shared values contribute to their success.