Mission Statement

Our mission

The USD Management Consulting Association (MCA) joins the University of San Diego in the development of socially responsible leaders with a global mindset. Our mission is to promote the interests of all students and alumni intent on enhancing their business acumen and overall hireability. The MCA supports this mission through three pillars: One, it facilitates interaction among consulting professionals, USD students, faculty, and alumni through career development and networking events. Two, it provides opportunities for members to gain experience working on real world consulting projects in both paid and pro-bono capacities. Three, to foster and develop resume writing and interview skills that will ultimately improve member’s overall hireability.

Who are we

As members of the MCA, we strongly believe that the case interview preparation, analytical problem solving, and structured thinking skills necessary to become a management consultant can crossover to nearly every field of business. As such, membership in the MCA is open to all students, business professionals, and alumni interested in management consulting or any aspect of career enhancement.

What do we do

As members of the MCA, we make a commitment to support our fellow members in all aspects of professional development. We commit to dedicating the time and effort necessary to prepare ourselves through professional reading case interview workshops, interview preparation, resume workshops, office visits, industry panels/discussions, and whatever else is required. We will measure our success by the prestige of our alumni hires.